Timetable for the 24 hour Rosary
Sydney - Australia

In Australia the Rosary starts at 5.00am on Saturday 16th August
and finishes at 5.00am on Sunday 17th August
We are here today to pray for an end to the atrocity of abortion, and the pro-death culture that is prevalent in our world today. We intend to pray a novena of complete rosaries (9 X 20 decades). Each one will be said for the end to abortion and for the particular aspect of the hour. Extra intentions will be announced at the beginning of each rosary and will also be posted on the bulletin board. We thank you for coming to pray with us, and we also thank those who cannot join us online but will pray with us in their own homes, workplaces and parishes. May God hear us and grant all our prayers.
Divine Mercy Chaplet 5.00am
1st Rosary 5.10 am
For women intending to have abortions

For the women who are contemplating abortion, and for all those men and women who are encouraging, enticing or coercing them into abortion. May the Lord touch their hearts. May he make them aware of the child. May He who is generous in His love to all of us His children, give them the generosity to give life to, love and nurture the child instead of killing it - we pray to the Lord
2nd Rosary 7.30am
For those carrying out or assisting at abortions

For all those involved in the procedure of abortion. For the abortionists, nurses, counsellors, and all who work in the killing mills. May the Lord touch their hearts. May they realise that their actions are not helping either them or the women they profess to serve. May they turn to God and seek forgiveness for this atrocity - we pray to the Lord
3rd Rosary 10.00am
That Governments & the media will defend life

for Governments and Lawmakers. May the Lord touch their hearts. May He make them see that any laws which allow the killing of the innocent, born or unborn, are against nature and against God. May they rescind all abortion and euthanasia laws and make them illegal in compliance with the Law of God, and for all the Media, may they report the truth about abortion, and rescind all the lies they have told to push unsuspecting innocent women into accepting abortion as a solution rather than an atrocity - we pray to the Lord
4th Rosary 12.30pm
For priests & religious to speak out against abortion

For our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, may he appoint holy Bishops who will lead all Catholics in the fight against abortion. For Bishops, Priests and religious everywhere. May the Lord touch their hearts. May he give them the courage to speak out against abortion, euthanasia and embryo experimentation. May they lead us from their pulpits to the killing mills and be prepared to suffer for 'the least of Christ's little ones'. For priests persecuted by our own Bishops because they make a stand, and are prepared to go to prison for the little ones - we pray to the Lord
5th Rosary 3.00pm
For those who have suffered from abortion

For all the women who have had their babies aborted. May the Lord touch their hearts. May they find forgiveness in His love, and in their turn help their sisters to avoid the mistake that they made. And pray for the families of aborted babies. May the Lord touch their hearts. May he comfort those who mourn, and forgive those who need forgiveness. May their hearts find peace in Him - we pray to the Lord
6th Rosary 5.30pm
For the Holy Souls of aborted men and women

For the Holy Souls of aborted women and men, and all those who were involved in abortion in any way, who have found forgiveness, and are now making reparation in purgatory - we pray to the Lord
7th Rosary 8.00pm
For places of refuge for mothers & babies

For all those who work in places of refuge, where women can go to avoid having abortions, and for all those in the pro-life movement who are working to put an end to abortion. For all those who suffer in any way for the sake of their unborn brothers and sisters, for those who have given up their time to join us today for the sake of the babies, and particularly those who have helped to make this rosary a reality. May we be given the strength to continue to the end with our fight to save your children, and may the Lord bring about an end to all abortion - we pray to the Lord
8th Rosary 10.30pm
For all those praying outside the abortion clinics

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are, or have been standing outside the killing mills today. May the Lord touch the hearts of all who see them there. May they turn for help to those there to assist them. May they understand the truth, and the horror of abortion, so that they in their turn will assist in bringing about the end to abortion worldwide- we pray to the Lord
9th Rosary 1.00am
For the whole world, for peace and harmony and a return to God.

For the whole world. May the Lord touch our hearts. May we all work towards a world of peace and harmony. May all unjust laws be abolished, and may He reign as King forever - we pray to the Lord
Scriptural Rosary of the day 3.30am
Rosary of the day - the Joyful Mysteries - in thanksgiving for all the gifts He has given us this day, and for all the wonderful people who have responded to this call for prayer. May God grant all our prayers, may we live long and fruitful lives and may we all rejoice together in heaven when our time on earth is over - we pray to the Lord
Divine Mercy Chaplet 5.00am