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On the Development of the third Reich since the Seizure of Power by our Führer on January the Both 1933.

This short synopsis which is directed mainly at our foreign reader can only serve the purpose of pointing out the most important advances directly or indirectly concerning our areas of Racial and Social Biology and Racial and Social Hygiene. These are areas which Adolf Hitler has pointed out to be the most important foundations of our racial and state life.

The reforms began with the passage of the law for "The Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Descendants" on the 14th of July 1933. According to this law, anyone who is hereditarily ill can be made barren (sterilised) when in the view of medical science it could be expected on a high probability that his descendants would suffer from grievous physical and mental hereditary defects.

This was followed by "The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour" on the 15th of September 1935. By this all marriages and extra marital relationships between Jews and citizens of German stock or related stock was forbidden.

This was followed by the "Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health" of the German People (The Marriage Health Law) on the 18th of October 1935, whereby a marriage could not be undertaken if one of the betrothed is suffering from a contagious illness whereby severe damage to the health of the other party is to be feared. Also when one of the betrothed couple has been incapacitated or is under tutelage, or when one of the betrothed couple without being incapacitated suffers from a mental defect, which makes the marriage undesirable for the racial community and when one of the betrothed suffers from a hereditary disease by the definitions given in the "Law for The Prevention of Hereditarily Ill descendants." Before undertaking the marriage the couple must prove by attestation of the Health Office, that no reason exists for the prevention of the marriage under law.

The diligent enforcement of these laws has been made easier and more possible through supplements, regulations and commentaries, and their application has caused many beneficial results for the populace, results whose full effect will be felt in the future.

Further racial hygienic measures were the marriage loans and child support laws especially for families with many children.

These have led to an increase of the birth-rate which was declining strongly.

The education of German Youth in mental, spiritual and physical respects is being undertaken more and more independently of religion and alien racial influence, and is more under the control of the state. This ensures the growth and the preservation of the national-socialist spirit, which is already influenced to a great degree by state and party organisations.

The Jewish part of the population which influences our cultural life so strongly, and often even controls it, has been driven back strongly in the Wehrmacht, in the economy, in the judiciary, among teachers of all kinds and levels, in the press, in the theatre and in the film industry.

Unemployment which was burdening our race so, heavily has been done away with except for relatively small sections, and the position of the working classes especially as regards health, economy and social services has been greatly improved.

The safeguarding of our race in its racial progress was further assisted by the withdrawal from the League of Nations and the daring declaration that made null and void the Treaties of Versailles and of St. Germain, steps which made strong protective measures possible for the German Reich such as the creation of a large modern Wehrmacht, the resolute occupation of the Rhineland by German troops, the German - Japanese - Italian unification against Communism and the creation of the "Axis" German Reich - Italy and finally the wonderful reunification of Austria with the German Reich. This brought about not only an increase of military, economic and cultural possibilities, but above all it realised the old desire of the Germans in the Reich and in Austria to be united for all times in a Greater Germany.

These are some of the major points of the stupendous achievements of our Führer and his faithful followers!

Through his deeds Hitler moves up into the ranks of our greatest leaders since oldest times!

Our people have realised this and are devoted to him with grateful hearts. No German prince, no German king or emperor has ever been loved so passionately by his whole people as Adolf Hitler.

Alfred Ploetz. Ernst Rüdin

Rüdin and Ploetz speak for themselves. No comment.

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