The War Forced Upon Us and Racial Hygiene.

A modern war whether carried out victoriously or not, brings about, as every racial hygienist knows, the horrible contra-selection, and destruction of the flower of youth at the beginning of its reproductive period. This mass-death causes not only the loss of the individual's cultural achievements [but also the potential of all his descendants]. This damage, which can be rectified only through efforts, is balanced only slightly, by the selective elimination of interior types, which improves the hereditary mass of the race. Wars where hunger and disease, as strong selective factors, have eliminated the severely ill and the organically detective, are things of the past. For in today's war hygiene and food distribution organisations in most of the civilised nations are so perfected that the genetically deficient and ill are not as severely handicapped as in earlier ones.

The counter-selective effects of a modern war are only strengthened today.

One would think that such decisive considerations concerning the future of civilised races would have prevented the present war. For decades and especially since the foundation of the Third Reich, German racial hygienists have never left any doubt in the minds of other cultured nations and above all England and France, that a war between them would encompass, apart from all other horrors, a mutual racial extermination. For this reason, peace, a peaceful co-operation-yes we can go so tar as to say a peaceful productive competition of all culturally creative and related peoples-would be in their interest. Even German scientists, politicians and statesmen have never tailed to point out their ideas in their diplomatic negotiations, in economic and trade conferences, in international scientific and other meetings and congresses, and made attempts again and again to ensure peaceful co-operation.

A cruel fate has disallowed their success. Disastrous misguidance by a section of European politics has created a relatively small but powerful and ruthless stratum of English and French people who are jealous of the efforts to achieve freedom and liberty for the German People. They have come to power with the imperturbable intention of regaining full hegemony over the German People again and to strengthen it to a point of total military, political, economic and financial unconsciousness in Germany.

But the national socialistically united and thoroughly organised Germany will answer the war forced upon it and solemnly declared on it by the English warlike classes and Jews and the corresponding French classes. In Germany, led by the purposeful urge towards freedom of its Führer and in which all its classes will remain faithful in this struggle for victory, there is but one common goal: Fight the war forced upon us to the point of absolute security of our territory. Certainly, we still think in terms of racial hygiene because we want an eternal Germany. Therefore we will win as tree people and will continue to live as such. Then, and this is our firm hope, we will be able to make good the damages of war to our people, through an even more consistent policy of racial hygiene, in peace.

Ploetz. Rüdin

Rüdin and Ploetz once again.

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