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Hi! I'm Liz Toolan.

I am using this site as a jump off page for all my favourite web sites.
Being Catholic and pro-life the first on my list is the biggest Catholic pro-life centre of them all

the Vatican Web Site

Humanae Vitae Projects  

Join in a 24 Hour Rosary
to end Abortion Worldwide

Please don't tell me it's been done before. I haven't encountered it myself but I'm sure it has. So I'm not the first. So who cares. It's not whether I'm the first that matters it's whether or not we do it. And by the way I'm not actually expecting an instant and sudden end to abortion just because I arranged a 24 hour rosary. It would be nice if I was the last one to have to do this, but I'm not holding my breath...

In the Encyclical Evangelium Vitae Pope John Paul II urged us:

"a great prayer for life is urgently needed, a prayer which will rise up throughout the world."
This is one answer - to set up a network of people around the whole world who pray the rosary to end abortion. And if we do it once - well what's to stop us doing it again.

Just for the fun of it - Let's see if I can manage a Blog to keep anyone who is remotely interested (and anyone else silly enough to click on the link) up to date with the latest Toolan News. Maybe I should call it the T. files.

Did your Liturgical Calender run out in 1999?

Have you ever wanted to know when Easter will be in 2038? Would you like to know when Pentecost will be in 2084? Probably not but it might be handy to know when Lent starts in the year 2009. I needed some practise doing tables so I decided to make a Table of Liturgical Days from the year 2000-2087 (this being exactly 2xA4 sheets of paper, landscape orientation) and I thought it might be of use to someone.

This site is currently under reconstruction - please be patient with me -
It shouldn't take more than a year or so

Liz Toolan